New state laws go into effect at midnight

New state laws go into effect at midnight

By Phil Villarreal. CREATED Jul 24, 2014

TUCSON (KGUN-TV) - A slew of new state laws go into effect at midnight.

Here are some highlights:

* It becomes a felony to post nude or sexual photos of people online without their consent.

* Micro brewers can sell growlers made of stainless steel, ceramic or non-porous plastic in addition to glass.

* Aiming a laser pointer at an occupied aircraft is now a misdemeanor.

* Space flight companies that have customers sign release forms face limited liability.

* The Department of Safety will begin releasing alerts when people age 65 or over go missing.

* Helping a minor get an abortion without parental consent becomes a misdemeanor. Also, the Department of Health Services must get a warrant before unannounced inspections of abortion clinics during business hours.

* Those who operate motorized boats who refuse to submit to a drug or alcohol test will be subject to a civil penalty.

* Counties can no longer restrict the legal use of firearms or archery equipment on private property.

* Members of the military or former members who have been honorably discharged can receive concealed weapons permits at age 19 instead of 21.