Immigration, guns, economy---all topics at McCain Tucson meeting

Craig Smith

Immigration, guns, economy---all topics at McCain Tucson meeting

CREATED Aug. 13, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Senator John McCain came to Tucson Tuesday for a town hall meeting as he toured the state touting immigration reform and its impact on Arizona's economy--

The public got the chance to fire questions at the Senator as they met at the Pima County Health Building near Ajo and Country Club.

Responding to a question about sexual assault in the military, the Senator said that problem has his attention and the attention of lawmakers---and that people who commit to the military must have confidence they'll be free from sexual assault.  That was just one of a long list of issues he took on.

The Senator opened with a pitch for comprehensive immigration reform.  He says about 70 percent of the public supports it as long as immigrants meet conditions like paying fines and any taxes they owe.
He says if the country doesn't find a better way to deal with eleven million illegal immigrants…"In my view that's de facto amnesty because I don't believe that any of us think we're going to wrap up 11 million people and sent them back to wherever they came from."

He promised to keep pushing for better gun control, after families affected by the January 8th mass shooting thanked him for his efforts so far.
John Green is father of Christina Taylor Green, the 9 year old girl killed that day.

he told Mc Cain: "I think whether you agree or don't agree as you mentioned earlier I think we feel like there's something that could be done."

On the economy, realtor Nancy Socolof Zeldin asked how to help people still struggling to hold onto their houses.

She complained, "Each bank has a different protocol and people go to foreclosure and they don't have any way to fight to make some progress."

Mc Cain replied: "Still, nearly half of the home loan mortgages are under water, worth less than their mortgage.  That cannot continue.  In my view these people mortgages have to be re negotiated."

And Mc Cain is hoping to head off future congressional budget disputes that hurt businesses and the military.