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Hundreds of parking meters could be in Fourth Avenue's future

Hundreds of parking meters could be in Fourth Avenue's future

By Simone Del Rosario. CREATED Aug 11, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) -- Parking curbside on Fourth Avenue could cost you. 

A ParkWise report the city is considering proposes more than 450 metered spots on and around Fourth Avenue. 

Several businesses tell Nine On Your Side they're concerned about parking that comes at a price. 

"It deters from people coming and parking and having to pay for parking and worried about filling the meter," said Martin Fontes, owner of Martin's Comida Chingona. "I'll have to carry quarters here; people will be getting more tickets."

"We're having a hard enough time getting the local people to come down here," said Connie Billings of Creative Ventures. "If they think they're going to be charged for parking, it's kind of crazy."

The proposed parking spots could cost $1 per hour. While the city may be seeing dollar signs, business owners worry they could end up paying the price.

Fourth Avenue Merchants Association tells Nine On Your Side it plan to bring its suggestions to the commission on August 20. 

Simone Del Rosario

Simone Del Rosario

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Simone is the KGUN 9 On Your Side resident cowgirl. She has spent most of her life on the back of a horse, and spent all of her high school and college years traveling from rodeo to rodeo with her horses and her dog, Roper.