Humane Society takes in 8 dogs from dog-fighting raid

Humane Society takes in 8 dogs from dog-fighting raid

By Cory Marshall. CREATED Jul 25, 2013 - UPDATED: Jul 26, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Eight dogs, five adult dogs and three puppies, are settling into the Humane Society of Southern Arizona after being rescued from a large dog-fighting raid.

The raid happened back in March. In all, the ASPCA rescued nearly 100 dogs as part of the massive, multi-state dog fighting investigation.

"It is one of the most inhumane things that you can do. I can not express to you how sad it is to put dogs under these conditions," Samantha Esquivel of the Humane Society of Southern Arizona said.

"It's traumatic on them and then again there's the physical aspect that they're being fought, severely injured a lot of them are going to be killed," K-9 Services Program Coordinator, Kelli Neufeld added.

Experts aided in intensive behavioral evaluation, sheltering and much-needed veterinary care to treat skin conditions and wounds.

It is unclear if the dogs were used to fight, bait or breed but they were all found in a large warehouse.

Late July, months after their rescue, the Humane Society of Southern Arizona took in eight of the raid survivors.

"When we had the opportunity to take in some of these dogs, it was awesome. Everyone here was super excited to be able to give these guys a second chance," Neufeld added.

"They really have a promising future right now," Esquivel told 9OYS.

The dogs range in age from eight-weeks to seven years.

All eight dogs will be available for adoption through the regular process.

Individual stories about each dog can be found on the Humane Society's Facebook page.


Web Producer: Taylor Higgins