Grandparent murder: three suspects in death of elderly couple have day in court

Kyle Drattlo is charged with killing his grandparents. His demeanor was flat and unemotional in his arraignment

Grandparent murder: three suspects in death of elderly couple have day in court

By Craig Smith. CREATED Aug 22, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - They are charged with killing an elderly couple.  One of the suspects is the victim's grandson. Thursday we got a fresh look at them, and some fresh information about the case.

The three suspects were at the Pima County Jail behind bars and razor wire, while they were piped into the courthouse by video link.

In a development outside of what went on in the hearing we found documents that show prosecutors believe a knife was used against Erskin and Mary Fulgham.

In video court , the three suspects had attorneys appointed for them and not guilty pleas entered.
Brianna Harding was the first to appear.  She looked nervous and wary on camera.

Kyle Drattlo is the Fulgham's grandson. His demeanor seemed flat, without much emotion.

It was Christopher Terry who seemed a bit impatient with it all.  He flopped down in his chair and folded his arms as he answered the judge's questions.
For most of the time since the killings the only mention of a weapon in the case against Kyle Drattlo, Christopher Terry and Brianna Harding was a reference to a knife.  But court documents connected it to armed robbery in connection with the overall crime not specifically to using the knife to hurt Erskin and Mary Fulgham.

But KGUN 9 News has obtained some additional filings designed to reinforce the seriousness of the crimes.  They do say the three intended to inflict serious injury on Erskin and Mary Fulgham and did it with a knife.

There was only one member of the Fulgham family in the hearing: another one of their grandsons.  He was not willing to comment.

Craig Smith

Craig Smith

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