Family begs for help to get justice for son

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Family begs for help to get justice for son

CREATED Oct. 12, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - The ashes of 43-year-old Ruben Reyes sit in his family's living room with pictures and flowers, all in his memory. 

"He was my son," Ruben's father, Henry, told Nine On Your Side. "He was [also] my friend."

He said his life has been empty since the morning of September 16th, and now, all he wants is justice for his son.

It happened on Benson Highway and Irvington around 7 in the morning.
According to the police report, when Ruben approached a red light on his motorcycle, he cut off a car while switching lanes, and a man driving the car did not have time to stop.
Ruben died at the scene.
The problem? Police told us they've relied on information from the driver and other witnesses who did not actually see the accident.
"He told me and my daughter, find me some witnesses, and I'll look into it," Henry said.
So, they did.
They posted signs in English and Spanish all over Tucson. Six people responded. Two said they saw Ruben completely stopped at the light before he was hit. Four witnesses said it was not a man, but a woman driving the car.
"She was texting," Henry said, "and before she knew it, she was on top of Ruben."
Some said they saw a woman running from the scene, but when police got there, she was gone with a man in her place. 
Police tell us the case is closed, but they are still open to anyone who has information. 
You can call 9-1-1 or 88-CRIME and remember, you can remain anonymous.