Dozens ignore 'no parking' signs near Sabino Canyon, get tickets

Cory Marshall

Dozens ignore 'no parking' signs near Sabino Canyon, get tickets

CREATED Oct. 11, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Despite the obvious "no parking" signs stretched out along Sabino Canyon Rd., near Sabino Canyon Recreation Area, people are still parking illegally.

Pima County Sheriff's deputies say it's a huge hazard, considering there is a elementary and middle school just across the street.

Sabino Canyon is not a national park meaning, the national forest is still open. However, the parking lot itself is closed. In turn, deputies say the majority of drivers ticketed assume they are off the hook due to the partial government shutdown.

Since Tuesday, deputies have written over 80 tickets and anticipate having to hand out more. The fine is a steep $110 dollars.

"I was up here on Friday and I did the same thing and I was fined," hiker Bridget Cavanagh admitted to 9OYS after parking in the "no parking" zone.

Alyssa Chaney hiked Sabino Canyon with a friend Friday, before coming out to find a ticket on her car.

"I already have a pass to here and it's unfair that we're unable to park here," Chaney said.

"You're saying that even though, you know, there's signs along the street saying "no parking," if you can't park inside where are you suppose to park?" Nine On Your Side's Cory Marshall asked.

"I live here so if we can't park in there, I should be able to park right here," Chaney replied.

Until drivers get the message, deputies say they will continue handing out tickets by the handful.