Christina-Taylor Green honored with healing garden dedication

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Christina-Taylor Green honored with healing garden dedication

CREATED Oct. 6, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Nearly three years since her passing, the St. Odilia Parish community immortalized the youngest January 8 shooting victim, Sunday, during the Christina-Taylor Green Healing Garden dedication.

Commissioned by the church, the sculpture, at the center of the garden, depicts Christina-Taylor receiving her first communion from Jesus Christ. Church leaders say the idea is two-fold; honoring the little Christina-Taylor, while ushering in a sense of community-wide healing.

Bishop Gerald F. Kicanas was also on hand to bless the garden.

"This project was especially filled with a lot of feeling," the artist behind the sculpture, Mark Rossi, said.

"This is going to be a beautiful, peaceful place for people to come [and] remember their loved ones. Everyone has lost someone special in their lives," Roxanna Green, Christina-Taylor's mother, told 9OYS.

As the sun set Sunday night, illuminating their little girl's statue for the first time, John and Roxanna Green looked toward the light. 

"The spirit of her, hopes and dreams, I think she would look at that and be very proud," John Green said while standing next to his wife.

"Christina was only nine-years old but somehow, she was able to make a big impact," John continued.

"I think she would be very, very proud," Roxanna added.

Teresa Bier, the woman, who church leaders say, conceptualized the healing garden, died earlier this year. Unable to see the garden completed, the community also honored Bier during the dedication.