Bisbee Animal Shelter responds to neglect investigation

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Bisbee Animal Shelter responds to neglect investigation

CREATED Nov. 8, 2013

BISBEE (KGUN9-TV) - Nakisha Adams has been a volunteer at the Bisbee Animal Shelter for three years, and told 9OYS that the animals there are her life. 

"For someone to think that I would allow anyone to hurt a dog, a puppy, a cat, or a kitten is outrageous," Nakisha said.
But a picture of a badly hurt dog has sparked a Cochise County Sheriff's investigation into animal neglect at the shelter. 
A volunteer has alleged the shelter wasn't treating Phoebe's wounds and sicknesses, so that volunteer took the dog, without management's permission, to a local veterinarian. 
The shelter's side?
Nakisha said Phoebe was in fact being treated for various conditions, that volunteers were giving her medicine, and had also taken the dog to see a vet.
"I take Phoebe very personally, because I spent a lot of time with her."
She said she took a picture of a more healthy looking Phoebe on the same day the other picture, where the dog looked badly hurt, was taken.
Both images are under investigation.
But, Nakisha told us, she's confident, that soon she and the shelter will be cleared, and she says she looks forward to moving on. 
9OYS has requested all of the documents involved in this case from the Cochise County Sheriff's Department.