Bicycle bandits' break-in caught on surveillance camera

Maggie Vespa

The robbers first rang Merodias' doorbell, to see if anyone was home.

Bicycle bandits' break-in caught on surveillance camera

CREATED Aug. 23, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - A band of bicycle-bound bandits is caught on camera, breaking into an elderly couple's home, this after they sent an innocent looking decoy to the front door.

For 83 year-old Angeline Merodias, it's nearly 60 years of a life in the house her husband built.
"They had all the drawers on the floor," she said.  "Everything dumped out."
It's nearly 60 years of that sense of safety...
"They were looking for money," she said.
It was all shattered with one fateful visit.
"It's scary," said Merodias.
Caught on surveillance camera Thursday afternoon, you can see a bike rolling up to the Merodias' front door.
A girl hops off.   She rings the bell and waits, until it's clear no one is home.
Then we see the now-trio make their move.
Merodias says they jumped a back wall and went straight for the fuse box but only managed to cut power outside, shutting off the koi pond.
Unphased, they went in.
"I think they were just looking for money and jewelry that they could pawn," she said.
They found that and more, including Meriodias' computer and medications.
"They took the whole bag."
It was almost, she says, like they had practiced it before.
Merodias knows incidents like this are not uncommon.  
In fact 9OYS talked to a few neighbors in the Grant & Swan area who say they've been victims of break-ins, just in the last couple of months.
It's a pattern confirmed by Tucson's crime tracker map.
Neighbors say these burglaries also happened in broad daylight, leaving victims, like Merodias, shaken.
"This is the house my kids grew up in," she said.  "It's scary to think you're not safe."
Tucson police say they are working to find the three who broke into the Merodias' home.
There is no word on if they're suspected in any of those other break-ins.
If you have any information, call 9-1-1 or 88-CRIME.