Arpaio's office accused of targeting businessman

Ina Ronquillo

Arpaio's office accused of targeting businessman

CREATED Feb. 24, 2014

PHOENIX (AP) - A lawyer for an Arizona restaurant owner says the sheriff's office for metro Phoenix targeted his client on identity theft allegations to discourage him from cooperating with federal officials who are pressing a civil rights lawsuit against the sheriff.
The attorney for Uncle Sam's owner Bret Frimmel says Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's office went from treating his client as a victim of employment-related identity theft to being accused of knowingly hiring employees who used forged IDs.
The lawyer, Paul Charlton, says the change in approach came as the U.S. Justice Department asked his client to cooperate.
Arpaio's office says Charlton's allegations were baseless.
The sheriff's office has denied the Justice Department's allegations that it has racially profiled people and retaliated against Arpaio's critics.

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