Allergies in Tucson "worse than ever"

Allergies in Tucson "worse than ever"

By Christina Myers. CREATED Apr 30, 2014

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - The haze engulfing the mountains is also creating an annoyance for allergy sufferers. One Tucsonan said his allergies are "worse this year than ever before."

There are allergens that only pop up in the spring, like ragweed and pollen, affecting seasonal allergy sufferers. However, the winds this time of year also kick up yearround allergens like pet dander and mold.

The winds that pick up the allergens would normal move them out, but high pressure is also sitting over the city, keeping the allergens hovering.

Allergy specialist Dr. Pierre Sakali said there are ways to help prevent allergy symtoms besides getting a prescription or over the counter medicine. He suggests keeping your windows closed, and changing out your AC filter. "If you have pets it's very important to wash the pets and keep their hair short, because a lot of times dogs will collect a lot of dead dust and bring it back home," said Dr. Sakali.

Because so many Tucsonans are suffering from allergies, it can be tough to tell if it is allergies or if you are actually sick.

Dr. Sakali said there is no definitive line, but there are some signs to look for. "Having clear nasal discharge, not having temperature like fever, no chills, that would lean more to allergies," said Dr. Sakali.

Basically, if your symptoms are just in your eyes, nose and throat, but the rest of your body feels fine, it is probably just allergies. However, Dr. Sakali said you should get checked by a doctor either way, especially if your symptoms last.

Christina Myers

Christina Myers

Christina comes to Tucson all the way from Rhode Island. She is very excited to be at KGUN 9 as a Weekend Anchor and reporter and can't wait to explore Tucson.