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Want to get out of this world? Soon, one Tucson company tell us

Liz Kotalik

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Want to get out of this world? Soon, one Tucson company tell us

CREATED Dec. 6, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Miles and miles from ground, way up in the atmosphere, you'll see stars and the curvature of earth, all while tucked away inside a capsule called "World View".

"This is for people who want to take their spouse, best friend, go for hours, luxuriously looking at the world below them, having the champagne and caviar," C.E.O. of Paragon Space Development Corporation Taber Maccallum told Nine On Your Side.

Paragon is making the technology for this out of this world experience right here in Tucson, in hopes of taking you to the edge of the world in about three years.

"Rather than using rockets, which are inherently dangerous, Maccallum said, "we use a very high altitude balloon to take passengers to the frontier of space."
You'll spend hours floating 18 miles from ground.
That's the same distance Felix Baumgartner made that historic "space jump" last year.
But, with the amazing views come what some call the obvious dangers.   
"Everyone that gets on the capsule has to understand the inherent risk with space flight, especially since it's so new," State Representative Ethan Orr told 9OYS.
He and Maccallum compared "World View" to doing something like climbing Mount could get hurt.
That's why Orr is sponsoring legislation that would protect companies if something does go wrong.
"I think it's simply acknowledging that when they acknowledge that risk, they can't then in a court of law say 'I can't acknowledge that risk,'" Orr said.
New Mexico and Texas both have similar laws on book, and Orr and Maccallum believe having a similar law in Arizona will keep companies like Paragon launching their big ideas here. 
Paragon will have a test launch in about a year, and once everything is set, anyone can go up in "World View"....if you've got $75,000 to spare.