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Neighborhood taking action against West Nile

Liz Kotalik

Doolen/Fruitvale neighbors received an email about west nile virus.

Neighborhood taking action against West Nile

CREATED Aug. 7, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - This morning, Doolen/Fruitvale neighbors work up to an email from their neighborhood association, warning them to be extra cautious about mosquitoes, specifically, of course, the ones carrying West Nile.

"Our first summer here," said one neighbor, Sara, "I was actually quite shocked at how many mosquitoes there are."

Shocked also to know that the virus was once right up her street.

"It made me feel good about the efforts that I've made already and that I'll continue to make."

In this neighborhood in 2007, an elderly woman suffered from West Nile Virus, and the email sent by the neighborhood association this morning said it took her over five years to get better.

"I don't want to get it," said another neighbor, Glenn. "I hear it can be really bad, and actually could be fatal."
This West Nile case understandably caused some panic here.
Neighbors don't go outside during dawn or dusk, and get rid of any small amount of standing water.
They light candles, and even have replant for their fountains.
One neighbor even told us, she was paranoid.
But, should she be?
"The virus is not passed on from one generation to the next," Michael Acoba, an epidemiologist with Pima County Health Department told Nine On Your Side. 
Acoba said just because the virus has been in a neighborhood once, doesn't necessarily mean infested mosquitoes will bite here again. 

"The conditions, the environment, the location for birds to come into the area is favorable."
Mosquitoes clearly like that midtown street, and if they like yours too, without big changes, they may keep coming back for more. 
Acoba told us Pima County has seen at least one case of West Nile Virus in Pima County in the past six summers, and expects to see one before this summer's end.
For more information about what you can do to keep yourself safe, CLICK HERE.