So. Ariz. school districts respond following Florida bus brawl

Cory Marshall

So. Ariz. school districts respond following Florida bus brawl

CREATED Aug. 6, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - No doubt, you've seen the video detailing a brutal Florida school bus attack last month, captured on camera. Now, Southern Arizona school districts are chiming in, revisiting their own bus brawl protocol.

"You've seen the video. This bus driver is under fire because he didn't intervene at all. Would something like that play out on one of your buses,?" Nine On Your Side's Cory Marshall asked Sunnyside School District Transportation Director Carlos Valdez.

"It's entirely possible, but what we've done here is take positive steps to train our bus drivers for that type of situation," Valdez said.

Valdez says buses are also equipped with live streaming video monitoring, a panic button and GPS capabilities, which in case of an emergency gives police their location.

Vail School District has a different protocol saying, "for the safety of all our students, for any sort of physical confrontation, bus drivers will stop and intervene and restrain, as well as call our dispatch right away."

Amphi School District officials tell 9OYS their "drivers are trained to pull over and call 911."

"The guiding principle though is if you're the bus driver and you've got 50 students on the bus and two are having a conflict, you're still responsible for the other 48," Sunnyside School District Assistant Transportation Director, Sixto Molina added.

School safety experts say buses equipped with video monitors have made a huge difference, as students now know there is no denying video evidence.