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Burglar hit while residents were home, deputies say

Craig Smith

Deputies say residents were at home, with unlocked doors, when Searles let himself in, and starting stealing

Burglar hit while residents were home, deputies say

CREATED Jul. 11, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Pima Sheriff's Deputies say they just nabbed a burglar who simply walks into your house and doesn't seem to care if you're home or not.

As Deputies walked Samuel Searles out of their office and into a car, he objected to the news cameras catching him on the way to jail.

"Really?" He said, "You all should be assaulted for just (bleeping) putting cameras in people's faces.."
Really? Maybe someone who strolls into people's houses and steals stuff while they're home, should be under arrest.
According to deputies, that would be the now-arrested champion of good manners, Mister Samuel Searles.
Sheriff's investigators say at least twice, he went to Northwest side neighborhoods, walked through unlocked doors and scooped up valuables even if people were home.
Detective Hans Goritz says Searles even stopped to talk to one homeowner. That makes him more dangerous than the typical burglar who never wants to encounter his victims.

"There's been cases where homeowners have encountered people and they've been stabbed, shot, bludgeoned to death and so forth."

Samuel Searles record shows he's an experienced burglar.  He's already spent about five years in state prison for other burglary raps.
Even for homeowners not hit directly, an in your face burglary hits home.

Lynn Dehner says, "You know when you're at home of course your defenses are down, and you're trying to be comfortable and you're not thinking about anyone coming in to invade your privacy.  But it's something we need to be a little more aware of."

Detectives says once Samuel Searles had a good supply of other peoples' stuff naturally he wanted to use it and when he used someone else's credit cards the merchants tipped off authorities.
And even if Searles arrest may stop him from open door burglaries, Deputies say you really do need to lock up, even if you think you are safe at home.