TPD issues second appeal to watch for missing man

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TPD issues second appeal to watch for missing man

CREATED Jun. 24, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - The extreme heat is also a concern regarding a missing Tucson man-

Tucson Police have issued a rare, second appeal for help in finding Donald Johns. 
He disappeared Friday and has been missing in the dangerously hot weather since.

It's quiet at the Prince of Tucson RV Park now, but when residents heard Don Johns was missing they helped police search the park for the man who's been their neighbor for about 20 years.
His wife Dee has been looking forward to their 65th wedding anniversary.

"He does have some memory loss because he had encephalitis about 12 years ago.  So he has a lot of short term memory loss.  Did he think he was leaving the court and getting back in or did he just get very confused and started walking and didn't make it in the heat, or...we just don't know."

About mid day on Friday a neighbor spotted Don Johns on a bridge about a block from his home. He hasn't been seen since."
Police know many missing older people turn up in a few hours.  In this case, so much time has gone by, in such dangerously hot conditions, Tucson Police have issued a second alert to urge you to look for Don Johns.

Tucson Police Sergeant Chris Widmer says, "We have a lot of issues that concern us here; one of which is his age against the weather.  Another is he left with very little money, no credit card, no cell phone so to get food and water, we don't know how he's doing that."

KGUN9 reporter Craig Smith asked Dee Johns: "It's a strange world.  He could be sitting somewhere and see this on TV.  What would you say to him?"

Mrs. Johns choked up as she said: "Oh, come home Don.  Please come home."
Police can offer one piece of good news. They are confident foul play was not involved in Don Johns' disappearance.

Mister Johns' wife says he may have been confused enough to ask someone to take him to Show Low where the couple used to spend the summers.
Police say if you think you've seen Don Johns call 911.