Big blockbuster movies, big ticket prices?

Liz Kotalik

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Big blockbuster movies, big ticket prices?

CREATED Jun. 16, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - "Man of Steel", "Iron Man 3", huge movies with huge followings, but how much is too much to pay for a ticket.

In big blockbusters today, it's all about the visuals. 

Like Superman, for example. 

With it's elaborate production, it brought in over $113 million dollars this weekend.

But, it's movies like this that Steven Spielberg says will soon make you pay more for a movie night out.

He says in order to keep up, the high price of flicks with crazy effects and big names will force the industry to pass on the burden.

He says his movie "Lincoln" can afford to charge 7 bucks a ticket, but "Iron Man 3", more like 24 dollars.

We asked moviegoers at Foothills Mall what they thought, and most weren't pleased.

But, if you think 25 bucks is bad, then you'll love what George Lucas said.

He thinks $150 a ticket could be a possible price.

He sees a movie date becoming more like a Broadway production.

And with tons of expensive action movies this summer, flops are inevitable, which Spielberg says could change the way we watch movies, and how much we spend on them.