New details about youth pastor child pornography case

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New details about youth pastor child pornography case

CREATED Jun. 14, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - The search warrant is full of sordid details about what allegedly happened between Gary Keith and a thirteen-year-old all the way in Rochester, Minnesota.

The warrant says, it all started in a chat room.
Gary allegedly posed as a thirteen-year-old girl named Sara Lowe, using the email addresses and
The two began chatting about sexual topics, and then police say Gary "solicited the victim to send a picture of herself."
Police said the girl was also told he, posing as a she, had two sisters and was having sexual relations with both.
The warrant says he began sending the girl child pornography, showing sexual acts with little girls, some as young as 5 and 6 years old.
All of those pictures and videos were stored on the girl's thumbdrive.
The warrant goes on to show that thumbdrive was the key to busting this case wide open.
 When it went missing, the girl's mother found it.
She called police, saying she had a feeling that this "Sara" wasn't a thirteen-year-old girl at all; police said she was right.  
People who know Keith well, like eleven-year-old Allison, were shocked to hear all this about someone she considered to be a man of God. 
"He was really godly, he never said anything bad."
And despite these allegations, she told us Gary Keith never did anything to her. 
She also told us Keith was a youth pastor at Flowing Wells Baptist Church.