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Charged with sex crimes against a child---and he worked with a church youth group.

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Charged with sex crimes against a child---and he worked with a church youth group.

By Craig Smith. CREATED Jun 13, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Police say Gary Duane Keith had child pornography, an illicit online relationship with a 13 year old girl, and they say, he worked with a youth ministry at a church.

Gary Duane Keith is a grandfather, and he says he a devout Christian. He tells us this on his Facebook page.
Here's what police tell us:  He had child pornography, posed as a teenaged girl to attract another girl online, and worked in a youth ministry.
Gary Duane Keith built a Facebook page full of Christian images. 
He even posted a link to a group dedicated to finding sex offenders on line, and reporting them to Facebook.
But Tucson Police who charged him with sex offenses, say this 67 year old man posed as someone very different online: a 13 year old girl; who developed an online relationship with a real 13 year old girl in Minnesota and shared child pornography with her.

Police were able to trace internet connections back to Gary Keith's apartment on North 1st Avenue.
Here in Tucson, police found the religion Keith proclaimed on Facebook, was a means to bring him close to kids here.

"They determined he has been involved in the past with youth activities at at least one church here in Tucson," says Tucson Police Sergeant Chris Widmer.
Now police worry he may have done wrong with children in person, not just online.
The four counts against him now are just from the child porn police say they found in his apartment.
Police say more charges could be on the way as they learn more about Gary Duane Keith.
Keith could have been with the youth ministry at any one of dozens of churches in Tucson.  Police are not revealing which one.
For now, he's in the Pima County Jail unless he comes up with 35 thousand dollars bond.

Craig Smith

Craig Smith

Craig enjoys using innovative writing and visuals to make difficult stories easier to understand. As a newsroom manager at KGUN 9, Craig was part of the team that won three best newscast awards from Arizona Associated Press