Ariz. health care fight aligns Obama with ex-rival

Rikki Mitchell

Ariz. health care fight aligns Obama with ex-rival

CREATED Jun. 12, 2013

PHOENIX (AP) - The Arizona Legislature is poised to pass a state budget and proposed Medicaid expansion that has divided the state's Republican leadership.
Lawmakers expect to hold a final vote on the budget in the GOP-led Senate and House Thursday morning.
A newly formed coalition of Democrats and GOP moderates is behind the legislation.
The Senate advanced the proposals with little debate Wednesday evening. The House was expected to wrap up its floor session late Wednesday.
Conservatives proposed more than 50 amendments but didn't have the votes to stop the Medicaid expansion or the budget deal.
Republican Gov. Jan Brewer called lawmakers into special session with little notice Tuesday and ordered them to focus on those two issues.
Brewer shocked many by embracing a signature part of President Barack Obama's health care overhaul in January.

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