Renzi jury begins deliberations in Tucson

Ina Ronquillo

Renzi jury begins deliberations in Tucson

CREATED Jun. 6, 2013

TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) - A federal court jury in Tucson has begun deliberations in the criminal case against former Arizona Congressman Rick Renzi.
The jury began deliberating after hearing legal instructions from the judge a day after attorneys gave closing arguments.
Renzi is accused of trying to engineer a land exchange to benefit himself and a business partner who is a co-defendant in part of the case.
Renzi also is accused of looting clients' premiums from his family insurance business to help pay for his 2002 campaign and of lying to regulators about it.
A Renzi lawyer told jurors that the prosecution hasn't proven a case fabricated by FBI agents, while a prosecutor said Renzi used his business and his elected office for corrupt purposes.

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