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High speed chase nabs kidnap suspect

Craig Smith

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High speed chase nabs kidnap suspect

CREATED May. 24, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - A wild chase ends a tense day as Tucson Police and US Marshals nab a kidnapping suspect and bring a girl home safe.

Police say about 8 last night, Ozziel Ramirez found his ex girlfriend in a car at a convenience store at Drexel and Alvernon.  They say he blocked her car with his car.  He had a rag wrapped around his hand that made it look like he might have a gun.
 He ordered her into his car, and the hunt for him began.

That hunt ended well west of the city, near Ryan Airfield.
Ozziel Ramirez led police on about a 20 miles chase before he finally pulled over.
23 year old Marveen Estrada got out of the car okay, but shaken up.

"She was very upset when we found her, says TPD Sgt. Chris Widmer, "She appears to be a very legit victim in this case.  We're still treating her as a kidnap victim.  She's very upset when we got a hold of her."

Police say Ozziel Ramirez, in this blue Audi, led them on a chase that was so fast sometimes only the helicopter could keep him in sight.
US Marshals helping TPD spotted him near Oracle and Limberlost.  He took off through city streets and interstate.  About 20 miles later, he pulled over near Ryan Airfield.
Police had been pushing hard all day to find Ramirez and rescue his ex girlfriend.  Friday morning SWAT officers gathered near the convenience store where the hunt began to check out a report that someone had seen Ramirez blue Audi.  They did not find the car, the man or the girl, at least not then.
It's hard to know exactly what touched off this incident but Ozziel Ramirez Facebook page holds some haunting words and images that speak to loyalty and disloyalty.  And they also hold a prominent picture of a gun.

Looking for people who know Ozziel Ramirez.  KGUN9 News found a clerk at the convenience store, she would not go on camera but says he was a regular, polite, respectful and someone she'd never believe would be accused of such charges.