UA commencement: New venue, bigger party

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UA commencement: New venue, bigger party

CREATED May. 10, 2013

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Twenty-five thousand people come through the Arizona Stadium gates Friday night. That's double the amount that could fit in McKale Center. 

Ria Patino can't wait to cheer on her little brother. 

"My baby brother, Paul Perez: I couldn't be more excited for him. He's top of his class," Patino said.

Holding graduation at the stadium means every loved one can join in. 

"We wanted to make sure every single student that wanted to bring every single family member, every single friend of theirs -- they could have the opportunity to do that since it's such a big, great day," said Kasey Urquidez from University of Arizona Student Affairs. 

A great day; a great amount of people; a great deal of traffic. 

So much traffic that Patino plans on hanging around all day until the ceremony at 7:30 p.m.

And with graduation bigger than ever this year, UA police are ready for the crowds.

"We're used to dealing with large events," Sgt. Filbert Barrera said. "We aren't handling this any different. We do have a lot of security measures in place already."

Security measures like bag checks at the gate, dozens of officers and a long list of prohibited items: Like no balloons, no silly string and no big bags. 

A list of prohibited items can be found here.