5 things to know for Tuesday

Jordan Coughenour

5 things to know for Tuesday

CREATED Apr. 30, 2013
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Bisbee's city council will vote on revisions to its same-sex civil union ordinance tonight. They are looking to craft legislation that other cities in the state can use a model for their own path to giving legal status to gay couples. If the ordinance goes through, Bisbee will be the first Arizona city to enact a civil unions ordinance.

Parents must register their child by May 15 to receive transportation on the first day of school. Only families who are new to the district, or changing schools, need to register. TUSD will mail bus stop information to families a week before school starts next year.
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Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed a law two new controversial gun laws Monday.

The first, House Bill 2326, prevents local municipalities from keeping a list of gun owners.

 The second, HB 2455, hits a little closer to home, making it illegal for cities or towns to destroy firearms collected in gun buybacks or similar programs.  They will now have to resell them, instead.
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Schools outside of San Francisco are on alert this morning, as police hunt for the person who stabbed an 8-year-old to death over the weekend. Witnesses say they spotted an intruder outside the girl's home. She died of wounds from the attack at the hospital. Police say they have no leads on suspects responsible for the killing.



A federal panel is revising its guidelines relating the HIV testing. They're now saying that all Americans 15-65 should be tested for the virus, regardless of their supposed risk-factors. The panels is looking to take the stigma out of HIV/AIDS testing.