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5 things to know for Thursday

5 things to know for Thursday

CREATED Apr 25, 2013
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The curse of the Carnival Triumph cruise ship continues! Two fuel barges in the Mobile River in Alabama are still burning this morning. A gasoline explosion set off blasts overnight. The barges are parked very close to where the Triumph is currently docked. At least three people are in the hospital with injuries from the fires.

Neil Diamond says that he'll donate the royalties from his song "Sweet Caroline" to the victims of the Boston marathon bombings. the money will go to "One Fun Boston," which has raised more than $23 million for the victims. The Red Sox have played the song at every home game for more than a decade now.

A protest will take place outside Davis Monthan this morning. There's outrage that the Air Force has stationed an officer convicted, in a controversial sexual assault case on the base. The family of that alleged victim lives right here in Tucson.
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Ace the cat went missing from his Tucson home ten-months ago. Turns out, he had been doing some traveling. Tuesday morning, Ace's owner, Joanne Ferguson, got a call from the humane society in Southwood, Wisconsin. How he ended up 1800-miles away is a mystery. Ace is headed home this morning.

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A Tucson woman says she was watching TV about half past midnight, when two men broke in, put a gun to her head, and told her to open the safe. Before escaping,  she says the men grabbed her wallet, snatched jewelry off her neck and stole her car.

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