Phoenix fire official sues city over naughty pasta

Photo: Image by ABC15 Phoenix

Phoenix fire official sues city over naughty pasta

CREATED Apr 8, 2013

Web Producer: Sara Wright

PHOENIX (KGUN9 TV) - A Phoenix fire deputy chief is suing the city for sexual harassment, after he says the department demoted him after he complained about a prank involving genitalia-shaped pasta.

In the suit, Frank Cheatham says the fire department has a pattern of retaliating against employees who complain of workplace discrimination.

The case goes back to 2009, when Cheatham says he reported sexually offensive conduct, after someone displayed drawings of genitalia at a fire station.

He then says the department told him he couldn't eat with other firefighters. Cheatham says then, someone sent him two small pieces of pasta, resembling genitalia, via interoffice mail. Cheatham says someone wrote his name on the pasta. Cheatham says he was demoted in 2010.

A spokeswoman Friday said city officials are reviewing the lawsuit.