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Midvale Park residents wary of free shotgun giveaway

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Photo: Video by kgun9.com

Midvale Park residents wary of free shotgun giveaway

CREATED Apr 4, 2013
Reporter: Maggie Vespa
TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Like the rest of us, residents in one westside neighborhood say they never stop weighing their options when it comes to staying safe, but some say giving out free shot guns is not the way to go.
"The Armed Citizens Project" was the talk of the town at Thursday night's Midvale Park neighborhood association meeting.
Former mayoral candidate Shaun McClusky pegged Midvale and two other neighborhoods as prime candidates for his pet-program, which hands out free shotguns in high crime areas.
"As long as a homeowner is going to be responsible with it, I'd rather have a homeowner that's trained with a weapon than have a bad guy with a gun," said one resident.
"I just wouldn't want a shotgun to fall into the wrong hands.  So it just, I don't know," said another.
Midvale HOA president Joe Miller says he is 100% against the measure, adding he invited McClusky to Thursday's meeting.
9OYS tried to reach him but were unsuccessful.