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Hundreds march to end all deportations, repeal of SB 1070

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Hundreds march to end all deportations, repeal of SB 1070

CREATED Mar. 17, 2013

Reporter: Alexis Fernandez

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - "Community united, we'll never give up", these are the strong words chanted by hundreds at march that took place on the streets of Downtown Tucson.

"What do we want, justice, when do we want," said the crowd.

The demand the group is looking for is to end all deportations and the repeal of SB 1070.

Rosario Ordaz has lived in Tucson since she was 6-years-old.

She says her brother-in-law was randomly stopped by police.

"I see a lot of bad things in a way, like im telling you now the police is asking for papers, something to show that you are from here," said Ordaz.

She along with others from the Tucson Protection Networks Coalition marched more than a mile from the southside to TPD headquarters.

They say they want TPD to stop calling U.S. Border Patrol if they suspect someone is illegal.

9OYS's Alexis Fernandez asked: "Why not deport somebody who is illegal in the country?

"I believe not all illegals are criminals like the police department sees us, we came here to complete a dream, we just want to work," said Erika Toledo with Tierra Libertad.

Gerardo Ruiz, another protestor says the deportations are dividing the community.

The protest ended three hours later after the group ran out into the middle of the street chanting "These are our streets" and we will be back.