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'My brother's been shot': Witness says homicide started with 'mad dogging'

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Photo: Video by kgun9.com

'My brother's been shot': Witness says homicide started with 'mad dogging'

CREATED Mar 5, 2013
Reporter: Kevin Keen
Web Producer: Mekita Rivas
TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - A deadly case of road rage on Tucson's streets took the life of a young man. A police report just made public now shows how the shooting started and where it ended after miles of driving, about a dozen bullets and a startling 911 call.
Twenty-two-year-old David Uribe ultimately died from a gunshot wound in October in what Tucson police described as road rage-turned-homicide.
In the newly released report, investigators wrote two vehicles first stopped at a red light, which was possibly at 22nd Street and Columbus Boulevard.
Uribe and his brother were in one truck and his brother was driving, according to the report.
KGUN9 News chose not to use the brother’s name. He declined to be part of an interview Tuesday.
The brother told police the people in the other car were "'mad dogging' them." That is, glaring threateningly.
He, as written in the report, "...stated his brother was intoxicated and began making obscene gestures..." at the people in the other car in response. He "...stated his brother is young and does not like to shy away from confrontation, especially when drunk."
The brother also “…stated that no gang signs were thrown or gang names called out."
Both vehicles continued westbound on 22nd Street, investigators found.
Witnesses heard gunshots. Detectives later counted about a dozen shell casings around two intersections: 21st and Highland and 22nd and Santa Rita.
The truck Uribe rode in was riddled with about a dozen bullet holes in the end.
Uribe's brother told police "...Uribe fired a weapon during the incident,” and investigators found a “bloody weapon.” He told police he had no weapons himself.
Someone shot and hit Uribe in the shoulder. His brother called 911.
“My brother's been shot. Please. 22nd and Santa Rita,” he frantically told the dispatcher. “My brother's been shot. Please. Come on. Please. I need some help right now. Please."
Investigators consider Uribe’s death a homicide.
The 911 dispatcher asked Uribe’s brother, “Do you know who did this?”
“No,” he answered. “They were just people just pulled up next to us.”
The shooter or shooters are still on the loose, and Tucson police told KGUN9 Tuesday investigators still need help catching them.
Witnesses described the other car as a Pontiac Grand Prix or similar car that’s red with tinted windows and a fin.
Call 911 or 88-CRIME with any tips.