Love letters to Tucson

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Love letters to Tucson

CREATED Feb. 14, 2013

 Reporter: Liz Kotalik 

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - You may or may not have a sweetheart this Valentine's Day, but hey, you have Tucson! It's a city that has been there for you through thick and through thin.

Of course, the relationship may not be perfect, but Tucson's been good to you. Why not show it some love?

Between working and being a mom, Rachel Miller founded the blog Love Letters to Tucson. 

"Tucson's a place full of culture and art and science, and sometimes, people don't see all that."

Rachel says the blog is to build community and  help everyone appreciate all parts of the city that they spend so much time in. 

"The little gritty bits, and the scrappy bits, and the big majestic mountains, as well."

People write poems and stories and post pictures on Rachel's blog. their entries come from all parts of this city, which Rachel says helps readers appreciate every corner of Tucson.

So, what exactly do we all love so much about the Old Pueblo?

Rachel says, "I love the desert and the dark skies."

A visitor to Tucson, Ed Ortwein, says, "no ice, snow's up in the mountains, I don't have to shovel!"

Tucson native, Gloria Gutierrez, says, "the mountains, the clear, blue skies, and the nice weather."

And, because it's Valentine's Day, the best part of Tucson for the Bowles couple is, "sharing it with my darling!"

So, between the gifts and the flowers, take a second today to appreciate another relationship. The one between you and your city.

Because, as Rachel says, "this place is loving you back, give it a little love today!"

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