Oscar finds a happy home

Photo: Video by kgun9.com

Oscar finds a happy home

CREATED Feb. 8, 2013

Reporter: Liz Kotalik 

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - When you see Oscar today, it's hard to imagine that this adorable and playful puppy was considered garbage, dumped in a Reid Park trash can just three weeks ago.

"It just really breaks my heart," Oscar's new mom, Chelsey Wieduwilt, said. "I can't imagine how anyone could ever even think about doing something so horrible to an animal."

Chelsey and Oscar met at the Humane Society shortly after he was rescued. The pair had an instant connection.

"I think he knew that he was about to get a home and that he was about to be saved," Chelsey said.

Although this story has a happy ending, the theme of abuse and abandonment has become all too familiar.

A puppy, Kennedy, was found emaciated and thrown in a trash can only days after Oscar.

Sunday, a chihuahua, Kimmy, was found in an apartment complex dumpster, and she had just had babies.

Sara Gromley is a spokesperson for the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. She hopes some good can come out of all of this sadness.

"If there's one thing we really want the community to take away from this, it's that animal abandonment is never an acceptable alternative," Gromley said. 

Never acceptable, but there are still hundreds of other animals like Oscar that need a loving home and a second shot at happiness.

"The nice thing about animals is that they don't dwell on the past," Gromley said. "So, if you adopt an animal and you open your heart and home, they're so full of gratitude."

This is Oscar's new beginning, with a safe home, a loving owner, and a bright and adventurous future.

The two other dogs found in trash cans this week are both with foster parents until they are well enough to be adopted.

If you don't think you can handle taking care of your pet anymore, you can always drop them off at the Humane Society for a small fee or P.A.C.C. for free. 

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