Postal Service stamps out Saturday delivery

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Postal Service stamps out Saturday delivery

CREATED Feb. 6, 2013

Reporter: Craig Smith

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - You won't see many mail trucks on Saturday anymore. Tight finances and a changing world are forcing the U.S. Postal Service to stamp out Saturday First Class deliveries.

The Postmaster General announced Wednesday -- as of August -- First Class mail deliveries will drop to five days a week, and Saturday First Class delivery will end.
It's a matter of modern times catching up with a traditional service. 
E-mail has taken over a huge share of the bills and letters you used to slip into an envelope and drop in the mail.
With the Postal Service in a money crunch, something had to go, and that will be Saturday delivery for First Class Mail.

Bringing mail to your door is a tradition as old as the Postal Service. Now the system is giving up one day of First Class delivery to help keep the rest of the service alive.
That means as of August those familiar mail trucks will not be bringing letters and other First Class mail on Saturdays.

Postal customers we met are comfortable with the change.  Nancy Lowe says, "I think it'll help.  I think it should help and I think it should have been done long ago.  They need to do something.  We need a Postal Service, even if it's only five days of the week.

KGUN9 reporter Craig Smith asked: "Is that a small price to pay to preserve the overall system?" 

Lowe: "Yes.  Yes. I believe it is."

The Post Office has tough competitors now, but the toughest is the free e-mail that zips messages back and forth faster than the fastest mail carrier. E-Mail has cut first class mail 37 percent in the last 5 years, but e-commerce has boosted package shipping.
You can't e-mail a package, so package delivery is still a strong business for the Postal Service.  Packages will still get Saturday delivery.  That's an arrangement Rosemary Ferrell can live with.

Craig Smith asked her: "This apparently will keep the Post Office going.  Is that more important than Saturday delivery?"

Ferrell says, "Yes.  To me it is.  It really is.  We still use the snail mail so it is important to us."
The acceptance we heard from customers is consistent with polls the Postal Service quotes which show roughly 70 percent of the people polled are okay with dropping Saturday delivery.
Some Post Offices will still be open on Saturdays and workers will still put First Class Mail in PO Boxes on Saturday.