Flash! More Red Light cameras coming to Sierra Vista

Photo: Video by kgun9.com

Flash! More Red Light cameras coming to Sierra Vista

CREATED Jan. 31, 2013

Reporter: Craig Smith
SIERRA VISTA, Ariz (KGUN9-TV) - Red Light runners will have a better chance of getting flashed in Sierra Vista soon.  The number of red light cameras there is going from one, to five.

Sierra Vista's been snapping speeders and red light runners at 7th and Fry for a little more than a year now and the city likes the results.  It says accidents dropped there 40 percent last year.
So now the city's installing four more along State Routes 90 and 92 over the next six months.
The first new one is at 92 and Avenida Cochise.  It's scheduled to start snapping warnings this Monday, with tickets that'll cost you coming a month later.

Sierra Vista explains more about the program on the city website.
Drivers we talked to like having more cameras.

Kasandra Coulbourne likes them: "Because there's accidents happening at these lights that don't have no cameras and people are getting away with them.  And also people doing stuff they should not be doing like speeding and stuff.  It shouldn't be allowed."

KGUN9 reporter Craig Smith asked Alexander Yanez: "Do you worry about how you see drivers behave at some of these red lights?" 

He says, "Yes I do.  I've had quite a few close calls."
But the cameras do have their critics.  They often say they're more about raising money than lowering accidents.

Sierra Vista Police Commander Daryl Copp says those complaints are off base: "Out of all the fine money that's collected by state law, the city gets four dollars per citation back so anybody that wants to make a point that we're doing this for the money just doesn't know all the facts involved."
With the cameras a few inches can make the difference in whether you get a ticket.

In Arizona, the official intersection does not start at the stop line.  It does not start at the crosswalk.  It starts at the imaginary box you'd get if you draw a line from curb to curb to curb to curb.  If you're in that box before the light turns red, you're okay.
And a cold, calculating computer does not have the last word on whether you get a ticket.  Sierra Vista Police will look at the pictures to decide if you get a citation.