Bisbee snow covers roads, cancels school

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Bisbee snow covers roads, cancels school

CREATED Jan. 29, 2013

Meteorologist: Aaron Brackett

BISBEE, Ariz. (KGUN9-TV) - Low temperatures plunged well into the 20s over much of Cochise county early Tuesday adding a coating of snow and ice to area roads. The early morning conditions were so cold, a rare snow day was called in Bisbee.

Darin Giltner is the Dean of Students at Bisbee High school who says there have only been 3 snow days in his 13 years at the school.

"The call was made because of the ice up in the old part of Bisbee," said Giltner . "The divide was treacherous, our maintenance and facilities director, Rodger Hodge, was up there about four in the morning, and it was too dangerous to pick up those kids up there. With the bus routes being what they are, you don't want to put anybody at risk. I know how bad old Bisbee can get-there are parts that can be shaded for days and still have ice there."

Tuesday, it wasn't only the school that was vacant, the buses also sat idly snow covered. Donnie Gibbons, a lifelong Bisbee resident, is in charge of their maintenance and says the buses aren't equipped to handle the extreme cold.

"We don't have any block heaters or anything on them because this is Arizona, we don't really need that," said Gibbons. "You do have your times where things happen."

As the day passed,  conditions didn't get much better. Just after noon, the sun had melted many roads, but wind chill values still read in the 20s.

9OYS didn't catch any kids playing in the snow, but did find tourists surprised by the lack of Arizona warmth.

Evelyn Kucey and her husband were visiting from Canada.

"I came down here and I didn't have any shoes with me, all I had were sandals, no socks, no coat - and I got up this morning and went., snow," exclaimed Evelyn Kucey.