Arizona officials disagree on immigration border security

Arizona officials disagree on immigration border security

CREATED Jan 28, 2013

Web Producer: Taylor Higgins

PHOENIX (AP) - Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer says she's pleased that a group of U.S. Senators, including Arizona's John McCain and Jeff Flake, say immigration reform will not succeed without effective border security.

In a statement, Brewer said she'll review specific details of the immigration reform plan when the actual legislation is proposed. In the meantime, she says she'll continue to talk to people "on the front lines" and make sure their voices are heard.

Arizona Democratic Congressman Raul Grijalva says the proposal puts "the wind at the back" of those seeking comprehensive immigration reform.  But he questions the proposal's emphasis on securing the border and enforcement.

The Tucson Democrat says border governors would get too much power to determine when illegal immigrants would get provisional visas.

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