Rain wrecks weekend plans for residents

Photo: Video by kgun9.com

Rain wrecks weekend plans for residents

CREATED Jan. 26, 2013

Reporter: Cory Marshall

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Rain and a lot of it. 9OYS drove around town, Saturday. In some spots, drivers could not avoid flooding.

At the Rillito Downs Raceway, the down pour and puddles canceled race plans. 

Umberto Belloc drove from El Paso to Tucson for the weekend races at Rillito. Horses in toe, Belloc had several horses registered for the race. 

"We're just waiting here to see if its going to be cancelled for tomorrow also, if it is, we'll head back home," Belloc said.

He realizes the six-hour-road-trip to Tucson could be a complete wash. 

"Fuel, horses, putting up for them and everything to get them here," Belloc continued.

Inside the Tucson International Airport, weather delayed several flights. 

Romyar Sharifi is also playing the waiting game. Showers delayed his friend's flight from San Diego. 

"It kind of sucks. We'll get a slower start on things and no hiking what with the rain," Sharifi told 9OYS.

With the soggy weather expected through the weekend, some people are just fine without the sunshine. 

"I'm from Austrailia -- A land of different climates. So, I'm okay with that, " a traveler said.