8-year-old pays it forward to honor Connecticut shooting victims

8-year-old pays it forward to honor Connecticut shooting victims

CREATED Jan. 7, 2013

Reporter: Valerie Cavazos

TUCSON (KGUN-9) - An act of kindness is inspiring one family to spread the love. An anonymous donor paid for all the admissions at the Children's Museum Tucson over the weekend -- in a way to Pay It Forward.

Sometimes all you need is a little suggestion -- an idea -- a nudge to make big things happen. Hundreds of children were given green ribbons, which were tied to their wrists, on Saturday. They were asked to perform random acts of kindness and not take it off  their wrists until they do.

 8 year old Armando Ochoa still has the green ribbon tied to his wrist. It was given to him at the Children's Museum, along with a kindness coin, as a reminder to pay it forward.

Armando didn't waste any time. "He kind of sparked instantly. He said, 'Mom what can we do today to make other people happy?'" said his mother, Jacquelyn Bustamante.

And that set the course. On their way home from the museum, he spotted a homeless man in a parking lot asking for 2 dollars. "So we thought it would be nice to give him a few extra dollars and we found out that he needed those two dollars to get a room, " said Jacquelyn.

Armando said, "For the hotel he was going to wash homeless people's clothes and get them something to eat, to sleep, a place for them to live."

But that random act of kindness was only the beginning. Armando has started to create of list of ways to pay it forward -- 26 times -- in honor of the Conneticut shooting victims. "All the things that i'm doing. i'm writing down," he said.

His mother says these are important life lessons that's she's tried to instill in her young son. "We don't have much. We're a very low income people and so as much as we can give, we feel that when we do give we also receive back," she said.

Both mother and son feel even the smallest gestures of generosity can begin to change the world.
Armando hopes to inspire students at his school. He and his mother have already contacted the principal to plan a food drive for the homeless on Valentines day.

Armando says he plans to do some random act of kindness from his list every day.