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Ariz. students say they got pot from card holders

Arizona's first dispensary for medical marijuana opened its doors in Glendale in early December. (full story)

Ariz. students say they got pot from card holders

CREATED Jan. 2, 2013

Web Producer: Mekita Rivas


PHOENIX (AP) - Arizona officials say some Arizona youths apparently are getting marijuana from people with state-issued medical marijuana cards.

Survey findings say roughly 1 of every 10 Arizona school students in grades 8, 10 and 12 who reported recent marijuana use said they got it from a card holder.

Friends, parties and relatives were identified far more frequently as marijuana sources by those students who reported recent use.

The findings are reported in the 2012 Arizona Youth Survey conducted last spring. The survey provides authorities with information on substance abuse, school safety and antisocial behavior.

Arizona voters approved a medical marijuana law in 2010. More than 30,000 people have obtained cars authorizing them to use it for certain medical conditions.

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