Phoenix chief wants officers to take oath yearly

Phoenix chief wants officers to take oath yearly

CREATED Dec. 28, 2012

Web Producer: Mekita Rivas

PHOENIX (AP) - The police chief in Phoenix wants all his officers to retake their oaths of office each January as a way of reminding officers of their responsibility to the community.
Chief Daniel Garcia is joining his top staff next week to begin the practice at a swearing-in ceremony at City Hall. Rank-and-file officers will have the opportunity to retake their oaths at their precinct houses in January.
The Arizona Republic reports Garcia's decision isn't sitting well with some officers. They called it unnecessary to reaffirm their commitment every year.
Police union president resident Joe Clure says his group received calls from some officers who were offended. He says he's been an officer for 30 years and only took the oath once. That oath, he says, lasts for life.

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