Deputies evacuate elderly residents during apartment fire

Deputies evacuate elderly residents during apartment fire

CREATED Dec. 27, 2012

Web Producer: Rikki Mitchell

GREEN VALLEY, Ariz. (KGUN9-TV) - Deputies had to evacuate elderly residents from an apartment complex in Green Valley after someone left stove top burners on in one of the apartments.

Deputy Tom Peine with the Pima County Sheriff's Department tells KGUN9 that deputies arrived at the Del Coronado Apartments, 1919 N. La Canada Dr. at about 5:30 p.m. Wednesday.

When they entered the building, the saw smoke billowing down the hallway and heard several residents calling for help.

They began evacuating the affected wing of the building and then put out the fire with an extinguisher.

There was still a heavy amount of smoke built up, so they continued evacuating residents.

After the fire department arrived, they were able to render the scene safe.

Investigators determined that the fire started in one of the apartments after three of the four stove-top burners were left on and an item sitting on the stove caught fire.

There were no injuries to residents or emergency personnel and the fire was deemed accidental.