Downtown businesses look to street fair to make up summer losses

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Downtown businesses look to street fair to make up summer losses

CREATED Dec. 7, 2012


Reporter: Alexis Fernandez 

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Some Downtown businesses are looking to make up summer losses at the 4th Avenue Winter Street Fair. 

Monica Cota, owner of Rustic Candle Company says the summer street car construction project put a dent in her business, but hopes to make it up this weekend during the fair. 

"Yesterday morning was the first day to see the entire street opened up and we just felt resuscitated to the rest of the world. It was very exciting," she said. 

She says the street fair is one of her busiest weekends. 

"Winter... one being so close to Christmas, people come out specifically to buy for Christmas gifts and holiday, so it's a bigger street fair for us in sales," she said. 

Four hundred vendors and food booths along with 300,000 people are expected to pack 4th Avenue this weekend for the street fair which dates back to 1970. 

"A lot to see, a lot going on, meet different people, look forward to coming every year checking the fair out," said Julian Ortiz, a Tucson resident. 

Kurt Tallis, marketing events director at Fourth Avenue Merchants Association, the organization that hosts the fair says it's about supporting our local economy. 

"Street fair is what gets you into the black, so that you can survive through the summers, so it's crucial for us to have this show and it's crucial for our community, it's the fabric that holds us all together," he said. 

The fair runs Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.