Alert neighbors help nab burglary suspect

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Alert neighbors help nab burglary suspect

CREATED Nov. 30, 2012

Reporter: Craig Smith

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Neighbors watching out for each other have helped nab a thug.
It began with a break-in, then a 9 On Your Side viewer asked us to help find the culprit.
Now a midtown neighborhood with a low patience for crooks and high inclination to call over anything suspicious has led to an arrest.

When a Nine on Your Side viewer asked us to run surveillance video of a burglary in progress at his house, it put lots of people concerned about their home security on high alert.

Almost two months later Sheriff's deputies say, they've nabbed one of the burglars: 33 year old Simon Peter Lopez.
Tucson Police caught him because the people who live in a mid town neighborhood off Prince keep a sharp eye for suspicious activity. And decided they'd found it when Lopez walked down their street.

Several people in the neighborhood saw the man looking over fences and peeking into windows; going house to house.  When he got to a house at the end of the cul-de-sac, he ran into a man and his son who had already seen him two days before and they thought he looked mighty suspicious then.  The man's son pulled a gun.  The two of them rushed him and told him to get down on the ground.  He didn't.  Instead he took off running, over fences, through backyards.  A few blocks away Tucson Police caught him, and arrested him.
Bill Crouse is President of the Mountain View Neighborhood Association. KGUN9 reporter Craig Smith asked him: "Do you have to fight the inclination people may have to just go, oh. That's nothing and just move on?" 

Crouse: "And that's why the police come and emphasize that do not do that.  Always be careful and look out and make sure those people are not the ones that are supposed to be here."
Some streets in the Mountain View Neighborhood have neighborhood watch organizations, others simply have residents with sharp eyes who are quick to call when they see something shady---and their awareness helped put the cuffs on Simon Peter Lopez.