TUSD moves forward with school closures

TUSD moves forward with school closures

CREATED Nov. 28, 2012

Web Producer: Rikki Mitchell

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - The Tucson Unified School District Governing Board voted Tuesday night to initiate closure on six more TUSD schools, bringing the total school closures to 14.

District Spokeswoman Cara Rene tells KGUN9 that the closures are part of the ongoing School Master Plan to resolve a $17 million budget shortfall.

This is not a final decision on the closures, but it does move the schools closer. There will be two public hearings in December so the community can address the board about the schools on the list.

A special meeting will be on December 20 to discuss finalizing the closures.

Any schools that will be closed will operate as normal through the end of this school yet and closures will take effect in the 2013-2014 school year.

Here are the schools on the closure list:

  • Brichta Elementary School
  • Carson Middle School
  • Corbett Elementary School
  • Cragin Elementary School
  • Fort Lowell/Townsend K-8
  • Hohokam Middle School
  • Howenstine High School
  • Lyons Elementary School
  • Manzo Elementary School
  • Maxwell Middle School
  • Menlo Park Elementary School
  • Schumaker Elementary School
  • Sewell Elementary School
  • Wakefield Middle School

The governing board also considering closing Hollinger Elementary School, Pueblo Gardens L-8, and Santa Rita High School but decided against it.