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Road rage shooter still on the loose

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Photo: Video by kgun9.com

Road rage shooter still on the loose

CREATED Nov 27, 2012
Reporter: Kevin Keen
TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Anger, pain and despair: emotions a family who lost their 22-year-old has felt for the past two months. Now, a renewed feeling: hope. Police have confirmed new information in the case of a deadly road rage, and the victim’s family hopes those details will lead to new tips and, ultimately, finding the shooter.
Tucson police said the nighttime road rage-turned-homicide with gunfire happened in early October in the area of 22nd Street and Santa Rita Avenue. David Uribe ultimately died and the shooter remained on the loose.
Tuesday, KGUN9 News had its first look at the vehicle Uribe was driving: a white pick-up truck. Among the twelve unmistakable bullet holes that hit the Ford, two pierced the back windshield. One went straight through where a head would rest.
That is the physical damage that accompanied 22-year-old Uribe’s death.
“It's really senseless,” said Uribe’s aunt, Patty Uribe. “I can't believe someone would do that.”
For Uribe's family, the emotional damage -- the pain -- remains as real as those bullet holes.
“Very sad, very numb right now,” said another one of Uribe’s aunts, Debbie Bible-Baca. “I keep thinking this is a bad dream and we're going to wake up.”
“We just want the people found that did this to him,” Uribe added, tearing up.
They’ve posted signs and fliers around the city. Some read, “Someone I love was murdered."
There are decals, T-shirts and -- Tuesday -- new information that might generate new tips to track down the person or people who pulled the trigger.
Tucson police confirm: the other vehicle that night was a Pontiac Grand Prix or similar red car with tinted windows and a fin.
“These people need to be caught,” Bible-Baca said. “They killed once. They will kill again. I'd hate to see another family go through what our family has been going through.”
If you know anything about the red car, the driver or anyone involved in this case, call 88-CRIME or 911.