Black Friday mavericks stay clear of the stores

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Black Friday mavericks stay clear of the stores

CREATED Nov. 23, 2012

Reporter: Craig Smith

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - At the peak of holiday shopping season-some people can't get far enough away from the stores.
There are Tucsonans who'd rather experience a calm, sunny sky, than Black Friday agitation.
Some people do who love the wild, wild world of retail combat. But would they trade the thrill of competing for some hot toy or gadget for a peaceful day in the park?

These are the souls who go their own, more peaceful way on this Black Friday; as far as they can get from herds of frantic shoppers.

"This is the good life," laughs John Porterfield.
He and his grandson Colin have a Black Friday tradition. 

They go fishing, while John's wife goes to the stores.

Porterfield says, "They left the house at about six o'clock this morning and---have fun," he laughs.

KGUN9 reporter Craig Smith asked: "Isn't that almost like getting up early to get the fish?"

Porterfield: "No.  The fish don't fight back when the last piece of bait is on the hook."
Tucson has plenty of ways to stay clear of the commercial crush, like the driving range at the Silverbell Golf Course.

There, Craig Smith asked John Huls: "When you see, those big crowds pouring into those malls when the door opens, what do you think?" 

Huls says, "Abject fear?  Certainly there's a mob sort of rule at that point and people get trampled."
Golfer Kenny Lee actually did venture out for a midnight store run.

Smith asked: "Now you're kind of winding down from that today?"

Lee said, "Yeah, Kind of recovering.  It was a chaotic scene last night for a couple hours and I think I've had about enough of that for a year." 

Smith: "Some of these clubs would have come in handy last night?"

Lee laughed as he said, "Possibly.  Possibly, but actually all in all the crowds were pretty good. Everyone was in order and respectful so we all made the best of it."