Home invasion victim tells his story

Photo: Video by kgun9.com

Home invasion victim tells his story

CREATED Nov. 9, 2012

Reporter: Cory Marshall

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - A brazen home invasion in broad daylight -- caught on home video camera.

For the first time, 9OYS is hearing firsthand from one of the home invasion victims. His name is Anthony Jiroux.

Jiroux moved into the house at the center of the home invasion less than a month ago. He bought the surveillance system at a yard sale just two weeks before the heart-pounding home invasion.

He says that afternoon he was expecting a friend.

"It changed rapidly," Jiroux said.

According to Jiroux, the three thugs asked if he was interested in any yard work. He told them no and they asked for water. Jiroux then turned around to get water from a refrigerator on the deck.

"I'm just la-di-da, spinning the bottle around in my hands and then I look up and he's coming through the gate with a gun. Well, I charge the gate to try to get to the gun and obviously he was prepared to do what he wanted to do," Jiroux said.

Jiroux was then told to hand over his wallet, cell phone and any jewelry.

"He sweeped me up and had me in a choke-hold and he was just telling me be quiet. I'm going to shoot you," Jiroux said.

Jiroux says the friend he was expecting to come over actually saved him and everyone else in the house. He thanks his friend everyday.

Jiroux remains thankful surveillance cameras were rolling but he can no longer watch the video and re-live the terrifying ordeal.

The reason Jiroux is telling his story is so other homeowners can learn from his ordeal.

"Pay attention to whats going on," Jiroux continued.

Pima County Sheriff's Office Deputy Tom Peine says Jiroux did just about everything right.

"I tried to just cooperate as much as I could just when he said to stop fighting. I just kind of went dead body weight so he had to drag me around to slow the whole situation down," Jiroux described.

Peine says the only thing Jiroux should have done differently was to refuse the thugs water.

"We can not stress this often enough. Unfortunately, you can not trust people you do not know," Peine said.