Cox cable fee subject of U.S. District Court lawsuit

Cox cable fee subject of U.S. District Court lawsuit

CREATED Oct. 26, 2012

Reporter: Cory Marshall

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) -One cable giant is being singled out--Former State Supreme Court Judge Stanley Feldman is suing Cox Communications over a $7 fee in U.S. District Court in Tucson. 

To be exact, he's taking issue with the $6.99 fee the company charges it's customers to rent their cable boxes.  According to Feldman, the fee violates federal law.

Feldman wants customers to have the option to buy the box from an outside vendor.

Cox Communications is not the only cable provider with the rental requirement. However, an attorney for Feldman tells 9OYS, Cox is the only company involved in the suit at this time.

In a statement released to 9OYS a Cox spokesperson writes, "While we have not been served with this suit, there have been a number of copycat class actions like this filed against Cox and many other cable companies across the country.  The cases have no merit, and the allegations that they make against Cox are not based in fact.  Not one of these cases, against Cox or any other cable company, has succeeded in any court, and in several cases identical to those filed against Cox the plaintiffs chose to simply drop the case and walk away.  Cox’s business practices are straightforward, fair, and in full compliance with applicable state and federal regulations.  We intend to continue to defend ourselves vigorously against these lawsuits."

9OYS reached out to Judge Feldman but he referred us to his attorneys.