The Final Showdown: 9OYS viewers join the debate over foreign policy

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The Final Showdown: 9OYS viewers join the debate over foreign policy

CREATED Oct. 22, 2012

Reporter: Marcelino Benito

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - President Obama and Governor Romney's last face to face bout didn't disappoint 9OYS viewers. Thomas Kabel wanted answers on Israel and the candidates were listening.

"Israel is a friend and our greatest ally in the region," the President said. "If Israel is attacked, America will stand with Israel."

"We will stand with Israel and if Israel is attacked we have their back," Romney said. "Not just diplomatically, not just culturally, but militarily."

Mike Karpe wanted the President to explain what happened in Libya.

"I immediately made sure that no. 1 we did everything we could to secure those Americans still in harms way," Obama said. "No. 2 that we'd investigate exactly what happened and no 3. that we'd go after those that killed Americans."

But Danny Michael captured 9OYS viewers' sentiments the best. He writes, "Another glorious evening watching two grown men act like three year olds. I can hardly wait. Extra butter on the popcorn please."

The candidates were more cordial than in past debates, but they still talked over and interrupted each other at times. But each man landed key punches.

"You mention the Navy for example," the President said. "That we have fewer ships than we did in 1916. Well Governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets."

That line was a viewer favorite Monday night. It's widely considered the President's best line of the night. Romney struck back slamming the President for apologizing for America.

"The President began what I call an apology tour of going to several nations in the Middle East and criticized America," Romney said. "They look at that and see weakness."

The President fired back at that calling it not only a lie, but the biggest "whopper" of Romney's campaign.

Overall, viewers did care about the candidates' foreign policy arguments, but the top issue remains unchanged: the economy.

Dora East Peter writes (via Facebook): "Same debate, different night. Same song, different verse."

Karen Walker writes (via Facebook): "Obama is all talk with no action for the good of the American people. This country needs change."

Marghi Kilmer writes (via Facebook): "I believe Obama when he says he'll fight for our families, I choose Obama's path."

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