Ivie family shares stories of a kind, loving man

Ivie family shares stories of a kind, loving man

CREATED Oct. 4, 2012

Reporter: Craig Smith

SIERRA VISTA, Ariz. (KGUN9-TV) - Today Nicholas Ivie's family was emotional, but controlled as they shared stories of a kind, loving man lost in the desert night.

Nick Ivie had three brothers and a sister.

He was the youngest -- but by no means the little brother.

"We all looked up to him. Indeed."

Agent Ivie's wife Christy did not speak in the news conference. 

Her face made a sad, silent statement of grief and loss while her husband's two oldest brothers praised Nick Ivie's life of service:

A Mormon Missionary to Mexico at age 19.

A man who graduated from a fire academy, served as a volunteer paramedic, but ultimately joined his brother Joel in the Border Patrol.

Ivie's brother Chris said he just learned of a story of service Nick Ivie never told him -- of the time he happened upon a pregnant immigrant trying to walk without shoes.

"And her feet were cut up and she just had them wrapped in rags and she was in a pretty remote area and couldn't make it any farther," he said. "He carried that woman a mile and a half to where she could receive the proper help that she needed."

Ivie's brothers described how Nick Ivie was always outside playing with his children and how the two kids, aged four and one don't quite understand.

"Nick loved his kids and it's difficult when they ask for their dad and you can't really explain it that well."

The family said they haven't given much thought about being angry towards whoever killed Nick Ivie.

They said there's just no point and it won't bring him back.